Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rhetorical Organization and Rhetorical "Devices" in terms of a FF forum

The two readings on Synecdoche, Metonymy, and Metaphor are a little confusing, but based on the definitions my object of study -- my FF forum -- uses Metaphor in it's design and color. The color is pink and the banner shows two lovers in a flower field (or did until it was updated on the 1st.) Although not many people like the color pink (it presents a light hearted environment to talk about not just who loves who but almost any subject like in a living room.) Topics vary from the series to politics to help with classes, even venting about one's most hated book series ever. Now I may not know about colors much, but it one of the most essential aspects of a forum because most people decide whether or not to come back based on the environment of the place. While Apple and Microsoft have recognizable symbols and use Metonymy, a forum will most likely employ Synecdoche though posting as all members should contribute to the conversation.

While my forum design uses Metaphor and Synecdoche is it the combination of the two that must be employed to make a good forum which is not too focused on a single idea/topic or one where anything goes as that will not only attract trolls and spam bots. Synecdoche as I understand it is like the body of an html document or C++ computer language which is originally apart of C. Forums which are the most successful/userfriendly will employ the three rhetorical devices together.

Here's the link to my forum:

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