Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple logo and its qualities as a Picture, Symbol and Sign

Apple has a very famous recognizable logo which is used in everything from ipod and iphone advertisements, Mac computers and the Apple's website itself. Apple's Logo also has a long history from it's first conception in 1976.
As a picture, Apple's very simple. The very first logo was Issac Newton under an apple tree which was a brilliant rhetorically move as it connected scientific/computer knowledge and "gave" it to every user of a Mac computer. An interesting fact is that the apple missing a bite has been on every logo since the rainbow colored apple (which was the second ever created and the longest in terms of use at 22 years.)
As a symbol, Apple's logo claims to be presenting a company that doesn't just put money first but appreciates scientific knowledge and history. Issac Newton after all discovered gravity and the separation of light (prism). Wikipedia also mentioned that one theory about the rainbow logo is its connection to the mathematician/computer scientist and one of the fathers of the computer Alan Turing who was gay (and because of this he committed suicide with an apple laced with cyanide). Whether or not that is connected to the change in the logo, it still is a nice dedication.
As a sign, the symbol has been marketed so much that most people will recognize the logo even if they don't have a Mac or Apple product. The logo's sign is also successful in conditioning/branding customers to only buy Apple because of its campaign/competition with Microsoft. Apple targets young adults and hooks them to their products, because of this it has huge followings of supporters. In addition, fewer problems with Macs and other Apple products creates a good rep for them unlike Microsoft's numerous problems with their Windows Products. That alone can reinforce and spread the idea of Apple being the better choice.

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